Duration / Position:

I was employed by the former South African Police from 5 June 1985 until 5 February 1990. I served most of the time with the Radio Technical Branch as Radio Technician. The employment served as an exemption to compulsory Military Conscription.



Main Activities:

I performed general Charge Office and patrol duty in the Pretoria West Police Station’s region, prior to subjecting to the basic College training in July 1985. Duties included attending to community complaints and filing road accident reports.


After finishing the basic Police training at the Pretoria West Training College, I was sent for 2 months to participate in Riot Control activities in the Western Cape area.


I was selected to join the Radio Technical Branch (the division in the Police that is responsible for maintaining radio communications facilities) in 1986. I mainly performed the installation, repair and maintenance of portable, mobile and fixed two-way radio equipment and –installations during my junior years, which included several field trips to the rural areas.


After passing the Trade Test in 1988, I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. I was appointed the role of Workshop Foreman of the electronic repair workshop in Pretoria during which I performed the supervision and quality control of component-level servicing and repair in the workshop. I was also responsible for coaching junior technicians during on-the-job training.




Volunteered to perform Border Duty in 1987 and 1989 for 3 months at a time, where I had the sole responsibility for maintaining and supporting the entire radio communications network covering approximately 500km of the North Western RSA border.


I managed to prepare for (without coaching), and successfully pass the Trade Test as Radio Technician at the Trade Test Centre, Olifantsfontein.


I managed to complete my N6 diploma studies part-time during 1989.




Basic Police training, including practical Crowd Control training at Verdrag premises in the Bushveld.


Digital Principles


Radio product training courses:

  • RS-A52/53
  • GE MPR
  • GE MVP
  • Motorola MICOR


I was officially sent to attend the N5 curriculum at the Pretoria West Technical College during late 1988, which I have passed with distinction and achieved the status of Best N5 Student in the RSA for that period.



Reason for leaving:

I resigned with the rank of Sergeant to pursue full time undergraduate engineering studies at the University of Pretoria.