Short Summary:


My ultimate occupation would be one at Senior- or Management level in a Information and Communication Technology environment, where I will have the freedom to apply and manage technology, skills and accumulated experience to the benefit of my Customers, my Employer and the Business Processes in their Enterprises and Operations.


Where does this come from?


After more than 30 years in the full time job market, which was only interrupted once for the sole purpose to attend university full time for undergraduate engineering studies, I am sure that I have a very good idea of what I want to do and where I want to venture in the future.


A strong foundation


My strongest points are definitely my radio communications background and the radio communications related experience I have had up to now, be it as hobby, sideline or full time occupation. Mission-critical communications gave me a solid foundation out of which my broader engineering skill-set in Information and Communications technology (and related matters) has evolved.


The Vendor / User relationship


The Electronic Communications technology that serves humankind these days is usually supplied by a Technology Vendor (Supplier) and acquired by some kind of Technology User, in order to create and deliver a Service. During my employment life I had the opportunity to play roles on both sides of this relationship.




The greatest reward will be the job satisfaction that I will derive from fulfilling the engineering ambition. It will give me the greatest pleasure to see that I can make a worthwhile contribution and a difference to the welfare of the Community I serve. Obviously fair compensation for fulfilling mandates and responsibilities will apply.




Let's get things working,

- and then -

Let's keep things working.