Radio will always be a special interest to me for the rest of my life because it started as a childhood curiosity, which later dominated my earlier career life.


I will continue to pursue the hobby of Radio Amateur beyond retirement.


How did it all start?


In 1975 I got an electronics experimentation kit from my Grandmother as a Christmas present, which I thoroughly enjoyed playing with for the subsequent couple of years;


At primary school I got a thrill out of getting an old juke box going again after simply fixing the wiring with my soldering iron;


In 1976 we got a new neighbour, Ds. Willem Louw, who co-incidentally was a Radio Amateur himself. Seeing him operating all the seemingly complicated equipment got my curiosity for radio communications on fire. He also helped me with study material for preparing for the Radio Amateur Operatorís Certificate exams in 1980.


Other interests


I enjoy the challenge of an occasional 4x4 trail, which gives me opportunity to enjoy nature and some beautiful scenery along the way.