Duration / Position

I was employed as Engineer: Electronic Services in the Electricity Department of the former City Council of Pretoria from the 1st of December 1994 until the 31st of May 1998.



Main Activities:

Electronic Systems design and implementation, consisting of:

         Feasibility studies and reports;

         Investigation and research on available systems and technologies;

         Compilation of Technical and/or Functional Specifications and Tender documents;

         Tender adjudication, evaluation and recommendations;

  • Project Management and implementation of solutions,


with regard to the following technologies:


         Telephone exchanges, cabling and terminal equipment;

         Optical fibre and microwave based power line protection and communications equipment;

         Two way radio communication systems;

         Data communications equipment and accessories related to Supervisory Control and Data Access (SCADA);

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) equipment to interconnect geographically separated Local Area Networks (LANís).


I rendered a consulting service with regard to communications systems to other Departments in the City Council on request.


I also co-ordinated, planned and performed maintenance on the private telecommunications network and the Wide Area Network.




I entered into negotiations with the City Management on behalf of my Division for alternative accommodation for the Divisionís activities. We identified the old Paul Kruger Orphanage building as suitable accommodation. I took responsibility for co-ordinating the renovation of the facility prior to moving in. To render telephone service, we re-used a second-hand PABX from an abandoned Council premise to save on relocation costs.


I compiled a response to the Governmentís Green Paper on Telecommunications on behalf of the City Council of Pretoria. The response was pro-liberalization, a phenomenon that only takes place now in the SA telecommunications industry.


In March 1997 the Munitoria building (Headquarter of the Cityís operations) was extensively damaged by a fire and the operations had to relocate to 5 alternative premises scattered around City Centre. I initiated a Wide Area Network project together with the IT Department to link up the geographic dispersed LANs and saw it through beyond commissioning.



Memberships and Representations:

Member of the Technical Workgroup of the Telecommunications Committee within the City Council;


Represent Pretoriaís municipal radio users on the South African Metropolitan Radio Users Group (SAMRUG).




Stress Management


Self- Assertion

Microsoft Project

Principles of Digital Telephony


Product related Training:

ABB Fox-6, Fox-20

ABB Fox-U (Ascom/Keymile UMUX)

FIBRONICS comms muxes


Seminars/Conferences attended:

PABX & Call Centre Technologies, October 1996

Motorola Radio Trunking seminar, July 1997



Reasons for Resignation:

I have resigned due to a financially more rewarding employment offer from Siemens Telecommunications. (I wanted to provide for my growing family in a proper way!)